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  1. maruberry

    18+ If only J-Hope was serious more often...

    If he were serious more often he would become my bias in a heartbeat! I mean sunshine Hobi, is a sunshine... but serious Hobi just oozes sadistic dom energy and I am LIVING for that! He gives me the vibes that he would cane a sub while showing no reaction. Like no words, no scowl, no smile, no...
  2. maruberry

    18+ Which idols do you think are sadists or masochists?

    Like the tile said! In my opinion Seventeen's Jeonghan might be a sadist. He just gives me these vibes that while he loves people a lot and fiercely, he wouldn't mind seeing them squirm and moan in pain! A masochist I think would be NCT's Taeyong! He has written songs about it, 'nuff said...