1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Saturday Night Pizza 🍕

  2. QueenB

    Comeback Saturday "D.B.D.B.DIB" Comeback

    The mv is a lot better quality than I was expecting from the CEO's letter so I think they did a great job considering the trouble they are having right now. I actually really like the song too lol. It's just a cutesy fun summer song~
  3. Emanresu

    Appreciation SATURDAY Juyeon Slaying Your Favs At Being Pretty

    SATURDAY Juyeon Slaying Your Favs At Being Pretty Juyeon is so pretty and no one knows it. Let's make her IT girl. Everyone Stan her.
  4. NeoSquare

    Cover Saturday - Kissing You Dance Cover

    We are fed but we need a comeback!
  5. NeoSquare

    Saturday Badge Thread

    Welcome to the Saturday Badge Thread!!! ♡ How to make a badge ♡ Badges must be 77 x 77 px ♡ Official pictures only! ♡ If any problems occur, please contact the Awards team Badges needed: ♡ Group ♡ Juyeon ♡ Haneul ♡ Ayeon ♡ Yuki ♡ Minseo ♡ Chaewon (ex-member) ♡ Sunha (ex-member) ♡ Sion...
  6. mysteric

    News Saturday Official Colours

    It’s so cute :pikahappy: Peace out y’all, mysteric
  7. Danee

    Appreciation This is one of the best green hair looks I ever seen ♥_♥

    Post photos of your fave green hair looks! It looks good even in motion. Plus let's appreciate this dance cover of Holiday. Saturday already showed this song more love then SM ever did.