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  1. CherryBomb345

    Scandals or Controversies that you don’t believe?

    Is there any Scandals or Controversies that you don’t particularly believe in? or maybe just made up for marketing purposes to attract attention. Are there any thoughts or ideas that come to mind?
  2. maruberry

    Is everybody trying to outdo Chen with scandals this year or smth?

    Like srsly why are there SO MANY scandals this year? Is it bcs Chen dropped the biggest bomb right at the beginning so everyone feels the need to outdo him? bcs they failing. You can drunk drive all you want, that will not beat pre-marital pregnancy in this kpop economy! You can sample mass...
  3. FaceMcShooty

    How many scandals have you had?

    How many scandals have you had in you life? Did your fans shield you? :dubuthink:
  4. blueberries

    I-fans vs K-fans/netz reaction to "scandals"

    So, i think it's quite obvious to many kpop fans that i-fans and k-fans+knetz tend to react certain scandals differently, i-fans not necessary seeing some things even as scandal like dating. In other hand there is some things that k-fans and knetz don't see as scandal, but i-fans do for example...