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  1. yminsane

    Sensitive I WANT A GF: The Sequel

    Hi Guys, it's me again my search to find a gf hasn't ended yet. i'm still in deep thoughts regarding love. however this time im serious. I shall have a girlfriend, girls of this community come forth to my dm (guys too, but no helicopter thoo)
  2. yminsane


    hello everyone , how y'all doing , you might think im joking , like just look at my name , does that express seriousness hahahahahahahaha nah on the real tho i wanted a gf , idk if im doing it as a joke or for real , but ill know by time anyhow , if you a girl (im into girls tho , sorry people...
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Post serious vs happy photo (or gif) of your bias

    A bit of contrast: vs vs vs
  4. maruberry

    18+ Scary Woozi....

    The other members always mention and act like normally Woozi is realyl scary during recordings... I REALLY want to see that one camera! I want to see Woozi act his grumpy, grouchy and genius self of camera so I can masturbate to it! I also need him to PROPERLY reveal his abs... Those 2 am...