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seulgi slays your oppa

  1. SeulPika

    18+ Seulgi is trying to kill me (the 420th edition)

    This bear needs to calm down with these attacks against my heart :maheart: Seulgi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your oppas :sakUwu:
  2. SeulPika

    Appreciation KPS' best ever banner

    Thank you to @Graphics for blessing us all with this beautiful banner :jenniesmug: Seulgi bear is blessing me everytime that I come onto KPS right now :pikahappy: There's no need to create any future banners. This sole one shall do
  3. SeulPika

    Photo The Return of Seulgi's Bangs!!!!!

    BANG BANG BANG. Seulgi's bangs are back!!!!!! :queen::queen::queen: My bear has finally brought back the bangs after a year of not having them. And she looks so damn beautiful :pikahappy:
  4. SeulPika

    Photo WTF Seulgi?! This bear is trying to kill me!!!!

    Seulgi has uploaded photos from her trip to Bali Seulgi ah.... What are you trying to do me at this time of night?!
  5. SeulPika

    Rumor My oppa >>>>>>>>>>> Your oppas

    None of your oppas deserves to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Kang Seulgi:joysip: Oppa keeps slaying my heart:sj_weary::sj_weary:
  6. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi x Converse x Hypebeast

    for Converse x Hypebeast Korea B-Cuts :sj_weary::sj_weary: Seulbear isn't playing around... She is coming to snatch everyone's girlfriends :joysip: