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seulgi snatching your girlfriends

  1. SeulPika


    Many of you newer members won't know who I am...... I am the resident lazy Seulgi moderator on KPS.
  2. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi bangs is back!

    Seulgi bear is back with the bangs, and she's looking dangerously gorgeous!! If looks could kill..... :sj_weary: Before we get too excited though, about whether this is hinting towards a Red Velvet comeback. It isn't.... :pandasad: Seulgi has changed her hairstyle on an impulse... Though...
  3. SeulPika

    Appreciation Happy Seulgi Day 🎂

    HAPPY SEULGI DAY! Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Red Velvet's Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist and The Nation's Ace, KANG SEULGI!! :pikahappy: I can't believe that our cute bear is now 27 (28 Korean age)! :yolk: How are we feeling about that, Reveluvs? Please feel free to share...
  4. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi's Autumn warmth

    Warming up our hearts with her soft ambient glows of beauty..... Our warm bear hasn't changed much since 2013! :pandalove: @Reveluv
  5. SeulPika

    Dark or Light theme?

    Good evening everyone, Seulgi's PR Ltd is back with another survey to gather feedback from the userbase, and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!!! When using KPS, which of these two themes do you use? Dark Theme? Light Theme?
  6. SeulPika

    Teaser SeulRene 'Monster' 2nd teasers + Seulgi teasers

    :nakypog: :nakypog: :jisoosmh: Oh my lord...... Fcking slay me!!!!!! :jisoosmh: Seulgi bear looks fcking amazing!!!!!!!!! :pikahappy:
  7. SeulPika

    Seulgi in Vogue UK

    We all have our thing. Some of us have more shoes than we’d care to admit, while others always wear gold hoops or are never without a trusty pair of sunglasses. Actor, singer and star of KPop band Red Velvet, Seulgi, covets handbags. Seulgi’s bag collection comprises vintage-inspired bags by...
  8. SeulPika

    News SeulRene 'Monster' album release schedule

  9. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi x Converse CF (The Nation's Girl Crush)

    I really should've put a warning on this thread :susPepe: Because Seulgi has served us a huge amount of girl crush material to slay us into the ground!!!!! :pepelgbt: As expected of The Nation's Girl Crush!!!
  10. SeulPika

    18+ Seulgi is trying to kill me (the 420th edition)

    This bear needs to calm down with these attacks against my heart :maheart: Seulgi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your oppas :sakUwu:
  11. SeulPika

    Predebut photos of your bias?

    How much has your bias changed over the years from their predebut days to the present day? Seulgi predebut Seulgi present day Apart from a bit of maturing over the years, not much has changed. Seulgi's natural beauty still shines beautifully :maheart:
  12. SeulPika

    Seulgi has a new title

    "Nation's Ace" 'The Nation's Center" "The Nation's Girl Crush" "SM's Secret Weapon" "Nation's Unnie Magnet" and now.... "Mulan of K Pop" A fellow Luvie has photo shopped Seulgi onto the poster for the upcoming Mulan film and it's been doing the rounds on Twitter. Which isn't surprising...
  13. SeulPika


    OMG! MY BEAR IS ON INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!! Follow her now Luvies :sanapray:
  14. SeulPika

    Teaser Seulgi has cut her hair!!

    AND THE BANGS ARE BACK AS WELL!!!!!!!! :queen: My Bear is slaying me with these teasers :sj_weary::llama_flirt:
  15. SeulPika

    Photo The Return of Seulgi's Bangs!!!!!

    BANG BANG BANG. Seulgi's bangs are back!!!!!! :queen::queen::queen: My bear has finally brought back the bangs after a year of not having them. And she looks so damn beautiful :pikahappy:
  16. SeulPika

    Photo Seulgi is a dangerous woman

    Seulgi looks deadly gorgeous in her latest photoshoot for Beauty + Be prepared to have your heart and soul snatched by her deadly paws if she hasn't caught them already.... The duality of this adorable bear is so frigging dangerous whenever she decides to crush you with her girl...
  17. SeulPika

    Rumor Get to know Seulgi better

    Get ready to fall even more in love with this beautiful bear over the next 12 minutes as she gives inspiration to the next group of young dancers whilst talking about her own struggles and how she overcame them. :pepeheart: