1. Darkseid

    Jessica Jung- Shine | A live commentary, analysis and review

    Spoiler warning obviously. It finally arrived. Let’s get this started lol. Welcoming spoiler filled posts from anyone who’s read the whole thing, I don’t really mind, just use spoiler tags in case someone else reads them lol. @DarlingBlue @RandAlThor @VergereSone
  2. LoveYooShaSha

    News Jessica Jung's "Shine" the YA/teen kpop book exists, (June2020 Pre-release copy)

    "Shine" the YA/teen fiction book by Jessica Jung about a kpop girl group of 9 members including Rachel Kim, a Korean-American teen(its totally not abt Girls Generation) has revealed itself tat it exists, thru the posts by ElectricMonkeyBooks, which i guess is the UK publisher. The ARC (advanced...
  3. Emanresu

    Appreciation Is Shine The Best Boy Group Song Ever?

    Is Shine The Best Boy Group Song Ever? Or at least the most fun? Hail Tzuyu. It's so charming. Like I literally add +10 happiness every 30 seconds I listen. I want to jump around and have crazy fun times with friends. Party until dawn or alternatively lead Korean school children in group...