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ship it

  1. maruberry

    18+ Ten's butt and Kun

    I bet Ten loves Kun's huge monster cock He probably even dreams of it at night, dreams of slowly sinking down on it until it fills him up to the god damn brim I bet Kun loves Ten's perky little ass Loves slapping it, Making it go all red, sinking his whole lenght into it ship KunTen folks
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation So you think your ship is gay?

    They aren't as gay as YuuNaa! (I mean... literally, Nana is openly into girls)
  3. Sun

    Appreciation Support the ultimate ship

    Romeo and Juliet who? Jack and rose who ? They’ll never be as dramatic as ☀️DARTH SUN AND QUEEN SASHI 🌖 LINK TO SUPPORT Support my project/Shop
  4. blurryface

    ship it or rip it with ks users

    so, give 2 kpopsource users and i'll tell do i ship it or rip it you dont have to write people who get shipped with stuff :rjbow: