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  1. Exi

    18+ This is a serious inquiry….

    According to @ahparkchaeyoung , my donor icon looks like a dildo. but But it’s not :pepecry2: It’s the GitHub branch icon Proof: for my non coding people here, does my donor icon really look like a dildo? :susPepe::pepeslippy:
  2. izcream

    smh when is iz*one going to perform

    i've been waiting for them since the start of mama :sj_weary:
  3. izcream

    cards you'd like to have?

    i'd be more than happy if i got any of my ults tbh :wimwim:
  4. izcream

    which kpop group got you into kpop?

    wanna one :wimwim:
  5. blueberries

    Thanos with Finnish accent (no end-game spoilers)

    Aka total shitposting for thread count. 95/100 bish! :pikadab: Tbh, although the the Finnish accent should be funny to any, I'm dying with all the Finnish meme's and references from Moomins to god-awful Digimon dubs. Route for 100 support crew