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  1. tai

    Finding out your gender...

    Is all fun and games till that name crisis hits :crycry:
  2. K

    gott im himmel *sighs*

    I am so sick and tired of this rain and gray and especially this nasty wind >_> that is all
  3. K

    thank you, brain

    it's 4 am and I woke up from a nightmare caused by an asmrist saying "sleep sleep sleep...." which my brain has turned into "slip slip slip....* when I was dreaming that I was flying (and also fighting some kind of BTS yellow paper plane) ???? idek ...
  4. K

    why am I like this *sigh*

    I think this is weird because it isn't exactly a rational way to handle things, but for example, some things I do.. the worse I feel, the more I isolate myself even though it only causes me to fall even deeper into despair. And I also only listen to depressing music and don't leave the house if...