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  1. Exi

    Have you ever …

    Simped over 2d people? 😂 I have (like for 40 different WEBTOON male and female protagonists 😂)
  2. maruberry

    Very important question to everybody!

    After some talking with my classmates and dormmates I come here in a last desperate attempt of restoring my faith in humanity! Can you or can you not make pancakes and muffins etc without the help of those special flours and mixes? Because if you can't, stop wasting your money and go learn...
  3. maruberry

    A short and simple guide to NCT

    NCT's system really isn't that complicated! It takes a bit of thinking and when you get it, you know how it works. NCT - this means ALL of the members. If somebody just says NCT, they mean the whole group, all the 21 members! NCT U - This isn't really a proper subunit. This is for example for...