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  1. Darkseid

    Appreciation Almost a year ago- SIXNINE's 1st and last comeback

    :reallysadcat::reallysadcat: KPS' national boy group that used to be so huge but are now nugu flops :umjicry: Nobody from the lineup left in the forum anymore except me :wimwim: I miss you bruhs @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @Baechu @Tir @perhapz
  2. Darkseid

    Appreciation SIXNINE LET'S GET IT

    @Tir @Walnutt @AnotherKpopTrash @Baechu @perhapz @Ozymandias omg oppars why so sexy and popular and relevant and daebak :sj_weary: Let's appreciate KPS' national boy group and legends Sixnine, never disbanded and never forgotten :sanapray: Hapz don't join those putas from IDOTS. Baechu...
  3. Darkseid

    Annyeong KPS

    I'm back, Hayabusa ded. RIP. Happy Holidays everyone :sanapray:
  4. Baechu

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT from SIXNINE member Ireneisbaee; Netizens react (again).

    29th of May: The disbandment of the popular rookie group SIXNINE has hit the KPOP industry immensely. Ireneisbaee released an official statement as follows: "Hello this is Ireneisbaee, the maknae of SIXNINE. First of all, I'd like to thank every fan that has supported us through these endless...
  5. Darkseid

    [NetizenBuzz] SIXNINE officially disbands; Netizens react.

    Following news that flop maknae @Ireneisbaee attempted a coup to overthrow Sixnine's popular center @Ozymandias while he was off shooting the 2nd season of his hit drama "My Kouhai is a Cuck" with Red Velvet's Irene, immense fan backlash has prompted YG and JYP reps to release a joint statement...
  6. Baechu

    SIXNINE Ozymandias is cancelled

    SIXNINE member @Ozymandias has been officially kicked out of the group, because we found out that he's secretly a boygroup stan. We can't let that go through, since it violates every paragraph in our contract. Due to that he's officially CANCELLED. Who wants to be the new member? @Tir...
  7. Baechu

    Best badge on KS?

    Y'all know that I have the best one on KS :queen: Time to wait for the next event, so I can get Irene into the emojis :joysip: Anticipate :irenecrazy: Which badge is your favorite one on KS?
  8. Baechu

    Idols that you just wanna hug

    Just let me hug Chuu once :maheart::maheart::maheart::maheart: :maheart::maheart::maheart: @Ozymandias @Tir @perhapz @AnotherKpopTrash @JisoosHusband random tags: @goyo @Yolks @Mangoey @Skinnny :seokeyes: