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sm coex artium

  1. Belgizen

    News SMTOWN Coex Artium temporarily closed and investigated

    Because They have a cockroach problem... Can't believe YG visited them. He was caught on tape too. (under Yuta's chair) I SWEAR TO GOD I WISH THIS WAS MADE UP BUT EVEN MY STUPID HUMOR HAS LIMITS I'LL LAUGH IN A CORNER FOR A FEW HOURS NOW
  2. Haolat

    Places Like SM COEX Artium

    So i think almost everyone heard the news that SM might close COEX Artium. I am planning to visit Korea sometime next year. Coex Artium is the first place I was planning to visit. Now hearing that it might be closed down makes me sad. So are there other places like SM COEX Artium in Korea? For...