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  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Rumor Is the girl in Coffee Break a SM trainee?

    She's so pretty! @mysteric do you know the tea?
  2. marublade

    SM stations I need in my life

    There are some SM stations I REALLY need to happen! Paddings friends SM station - Gimme that Kai X Taemin X Jimin X Ravi X Sungwoon X Timoteo and whoever else they deem needed collab! NCT Dream x TXT - Babies with babies... nothing more to say! + I need to see how the ultra-innocent txt...
  3. colorfulteardrop

    News D.O. is releasing a song before enlistment

    Finally some news about Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo is going to enlist on 1st July 2019. Today we got some news about him! :bigcatlove: We will get a SM Station song Who is excited and happy that we will get a song from him?
  4. marublade

    SM stations I need in my life!

    I needs some collabs to happen! I really need it! EXO Kai x IZ*ONE Chaeyeon To me Chaeyeon is almost the female version of Kai. A kickass dancer who has the happiest smile ever when dancing and laughs uncontrollably at everything! I love them both and need them to collab! I don't even...
  5. wayvoutsold

    Favorite Station songs?

    Share your favorite songs released under the SM Station project. Mine are And of course, the number 1:
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    What's Your Favourite SM Station Song?

    What's your favourite song to come from SM Station? Personally, there are a few that I really love but I think my favourite has to be New Heroes!
  7. NeoSquare

    MV (STATION) Hair in the Air

    I dient have time yet to hear it but I heard people say it's cute and nice.
  8. LuhansGreenHair

    MV [SM STATION x 0] John Legend x Wendy - Written In The Stars MV

    Stan John Legend and Wendy for clear skin These vocals will save lives ~