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  1. litc

    Appreciation Happy Sunny Day

    Happy 33rd birthday Sunny:pandahappy: hoping for snsd or oh!gg comeback @Sone
  2. Nina

    I really hope that SNSD comeback rumor is true

    I need this kind of energy back.
  3. Ji_Chu

    Comeback SNSD's HYOYEON [DEEP] 1st Mini Album 22.05.16

  4. RandAlThor

    Rumor Frikkin Tiffany is determined to make clowns of us all

    plans change boys and girls ....
  5. RandAlThor

    Taeyeon giving hope to Sone

    pretty please be true!!
  6. RandAlThor

    Challenge airport.

    Inchon count ?
  7. RandAlThor

    Challenge hospital... mr

    mr to easy :)
  8. litc

    Appreciation What in kpop couldn't you believe until you saw it for yourself?

    Note: this is a light-hearted thread:taesquish: For me, I couldn't believe Tiffany's (SNSD) eye smile. I had heard about it but I was like "Everyone has an eye smile, how great can it be?" but I saw her smile (I think in a performance of You Think) and she's adorable (imo):llama_squish: What...
  9. RandAlThor

    Challenge gg ost

    there ya go :)
  10. RandAlThor

    Performance SooStory Tiffany an Sooyoung recording.

    super fun wee
  11. litc

    Information SM Artists seasons greetings photopacks

    SHINee @Shawol Exo @Exo-L Oh!GG @Sone red velvet @Reveluv Super junior @ELF TVXQ @Cassiopeia Aespa @My Nct 127 Nct dream WayV’s wasn’t called the same thing but I found it @NCTzen if I missed any, plz let me know and I will add it!
  12. RandAlThor

    From so wonderful day RV visit Yoona and Sunny

    i am sure they went to see the other gg members too!! Sm family budds.
  13. RandAlThor

    FYI the only other gg to get a gaon physical quarter is snsd.

    Course some of that is timing. just some perspective on what IZ*ONE did.
  14. RandAlThor

    GG hip hop

    there is hip hop here....
  15. RandAlThor

    Challenge Gg Rock song.....

    Way to go!!
  16. RandAlThor


    4k my girls!!!!!!!!!
  17. RandAlThor

    Challenge GG ballad.

    sooo many choices.. lets go old school.
  18. RandAlThor

    kbs channeling every sone

    Wee more fun stuff to watch...