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    Appreciation I am on Last FM now

    Usually I don't go on anything outside of my musical spectrum, besides YouTube. Wanted to get into more music thing though. This is my pic on there. Nice one of the bae Jennie Kim from BP. Username is Teddybear700 I know @Yachii and lady grey uses it, but idk of anyone else. So far it's...
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    Appreciation I have now disposed of all my social media accounts (feels good)

    So in saying that I don't use twitter, facebook, or instagram anymore. I hate social media with a passion. It's boring, it's always the same shit and it's too distracting from other things I want to do. I am better off without it. @Mairi @vogue @gayzone @Saythename17
  3. marublade

    How to communicate with EXO members [Without being a sasaeng]

    chanyeol: instagram, weibo, soundcloud, ameba, youtube baekhyun: instagram, weibo, twitter yixing: instagram, weibo, twitter sehun: instagram, weibo suho: instagram jongin: instagram minseok: instagram jongdae: youtube kyungsoo: handwritten letters Good luck Kyungsoo stans.