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  1. Darkseid

    Your fav soloist songs in Kpop?

    What are some soloist songs you really love? Could be someone from a group or just a regular soloist. Here's some of mine :sanapray: 1. G-Dragon Crooked 2. Taemin- Danger 3. Taeyeon- I got love 4. Lee Hi- Breathe 5. Eyedi- &New Zabraks: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries @Darth_Bitzy...
  2. mirella

    Who are your top 10 soloists?

    Do you have a top 10 for soloists? The only qualification is that they can't be from a group. :jenniesmug: My top 10: HEIZE:pandalove: Bewhy Cifika Simon Dominic Saay Samuel Seo Code Kunst Crush Dean Hoody Honorary mentions: IU, Leebada, Lee Jin-ah, Sik-K, Kid Milli, Jooyoung, Dress...
  3. RainbowDevil

    Official 📌〚TAGLIST〛Taggable Fandom Groups 📌

    There has been an outcry for a tag-list made for specific groups as well as soloists, we've also taken the courtesy and added on genre tags for anyone that might be interested There will be rules for using these tag-lists and abusing them will be punished, here are some: - Do not use the...
  4. mirella

    Which genre do you like (for K-soloists)?

    I love soloists, but I actually don't listen to a variety of them from every genre. I mostly focus on R&B, rap/hip-hop, and maybe electro, alternative, and rock. I don't really listen to ballad, indie, or acoustic THAT often, though I do have a few artists I like in that category. Does any...
  5. mirella

    recommend me soloists / soloist songs

    I'm bored and want recs preferably non-group / non-idol I'm partial to r&b, rap, and ballad any language is a-okay (though my cousins already listen to V-pop everyday and I'm going to lose my fuckin mind if I hear any more) (that being said if you have any good V-pop songs, feel free to...