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  1. Moguri

    Teaser Soyou - The 2nd Mini Album: Summer Recipe (Concept Photo 1 - Vacance Ver.)

    I love the summer vibe of this :catsip:
  2. Abeamus

    Video Soyou "Goodbye" Making Film

  3. Abeamus

    Performance Soyou x Viviz "Shake It"

  4. eclipsoul


  5. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation Soyou #gotta_go_challenge #sistar #hyolin #bora #dasom

    Saw this on my TL, n since Soyou also did #dessertdancechallenge with Hyoyeon, im just gonna post this here. #gotta_go_challenge #bora #hyolin #dasom
  6. Belgizen

    News Girl group Soyou profile pictures

    You want something new? Well here it is Soyou is a traditional fusion Korean girl group. Traditional fusion is booming in Cpop so this company was smart enough to make a Korean version. Vocalist: Suhyeon Gayageum: Yoonkyeong Haegum: Hyeji Daegum: Jeonghyeon Their debut song:
  7. yeji

    Teaser Key (feat. Soyou) "Forever Yours" MV Teaser #1

    Can it already be the 6th of November. I am so excited to hear this song.