1. perhapz

    What are the most special moments you experienced with your fav groups/idols?

    Maybe you went to their concert? Watched the group getting its first win on a music show? Or maybe an award? Or even just a trivial thing, like getting happy for a news about the group or about a comeback.
  2. marublade

    NCT already have the beginnings of the SM not giving a fuck attitude

    The reason I think this is the amount of footage we have of the members drunk compared to the age of the group! Sure some footage of kpop idols drunk is normal, but from a group as young as NCT? So far we have seen Mark drunk off his ass on Life bar, it was his 2nd time drinking ever! When it...
  3. A

    MV DICKPUNKS come back with a meaningful MV for "Special"

    I love the story behind this MV, it really addresses the problem of overworked people in Korea.