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  1. A

    MV KEEMBO - INSIDE (Ex Spica members)

    Guys please pay attention to them. Spica is literally the most underrated K-pop group of all times, the least we can do is repay to KEEMBO for sleeping on Spica. The title song is brilliant, and the rest of the mini album is very very good.
  2. Darkseid

    MV KEEMBO- Scandalous (Nugu SOTY)

    I didn't see anyone talk about this, Spica so nugu even when 2 of their members reunite to form a subunit KEEMBO, they go unnoticed :pepecry1: Here's Boa and Bohyung flexing their vocals in a fun song. Boa even shows off her rap skills and sounds better than dare I say, almost every GG rapper...

    MV SPICA - You Don't Love Me

    I love love love this comeback so much. I miss them. :pepecry2: