1. Wicked

    Appreciation To Spooks: the cutest there ever was!

    Jk, my hoe ass just felt left out and I needed to shove my presence into other people's faces. You're welcome. Disclaimer: Please forgive me for my idiocy, I'm sleep deprived.
  2. Wicked

    GFX Spook's Graphics Show & Tell

    I feel like I might be the last graphics team member to have made a thread like this. I'm a lazy hoe, fite me. :wimwim: Anyway, here is where I'll post various graphics of mine as some sort of personal archive AND as an inspiration for others if you'd like to see it as such. Enjoy!
  3. Wicked

    So... on this lovely New Years...

    I need a date in this masquerade we’re apparently having today. Any volunteers?
  4. whatever

    18+ Share creepy, spooky, icky or unnerving KPOP songs you like

    The title of the thread is self-explanatory isn't it ? Share your creepy, spooky, icky or unnerving KPOP songs you like, you disturbed minds ! :llama_shook::pandaomg: Here, some of mine (in the spoilerish thing below, if you dare !)