stage names

  1. marublade

    Do you call idols by nicknames?

    To be more specific, do you usually use the stage name, the real name or a totally separate nickname. Bcs for me, unless I really dislike the stage name, I'm going to use the stage name. bcs like... Kai, Woozi, Suho, Haechan, Suga etc if the stage name is good and fits, I like using them. The...
  2. Haolat

    Is it Wrong to refer to Idols by their Real name instead of their Stage name(if they have one)?

    Do you think it is wrong to call idols by their Real name when they have a Stage name? Few examples Stage name(Group) - Real name Chen(EXO) - Jongdae Key(Shinee) - Ki bum Hwasa(Mamamoo) - Hye Jin Irene(Red Velvet) - Joo Hyun