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stan dreamcatcher

  1. SeulPika

    MV Dreamcatcher - No More MV

    @Girl Group @Insomnia
  2. SeulPika

    Photo Blonde Gahyeon is wrecking me

    HOLY SHIT!!!! :nakypog: Gahyeon with blonde hair is wrecking me hard!!!!! :jisoosmh::sakUwu: @Insomnia @Girl Group
  3. inverity

    Discussion The Future of Dreamcatcher

    So I've been an insomnia for a little over a week now. I've listened to their music from debut (someone on a forum like this one recommend them) but I was never a fan until I watched the Scream MV. I saw Siyeon with arm braces....and I realized that I really was bisexual. But I digress. the...
  4. vogue

    Performance [NEW] Dreamcatcher - Chase Me (feat. Daydream clothes, no heels and all the passion)

    another chase me performance was uploaded. My babies did gooood here, yet again.
  5. vogue

    Performance Dreamcatcher - Chase Me (Special Stage)

    this is soo weird. seeing them perform chase me with these cloths is just .... so different. Either way i still love this
  6. vogue

    Appreciation My babies - Dreamcatcher ( stan a group that is this perfect)

    These girls :maheart: they really are gaycatcher. stan the right girl group, stan dreamcatcher. you won't regret it.
  7. vogue

    Performance Dreamcatcher - Dance (KK Dance) on The Show

    these girls. I don't understand anything but I still am laughing with them :DDD
  8. M

    Discussion Dreamcatcher MVs: An Explanation

    I'm sorry I did this on my phone rip Peace out ya'll, mysteric
  9. vogue

    Dance Practice DREAMCATCHER - PIRI [dance practice]

    my babies are doing soooo good. I really love Piri and the dance is bomb
  10. vogue

    MV Dreamcatcher - PIRI

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!! Maknae Gahyeon's era is here, everyone
  11. M

    Discussion Happy Birthday Gahyeon!

    ^^ Happy Bday to Dreamcatcher's maknae! Meanwhile check out DC's comeback thread here (yes shameless self promo alert) Peace out y'all, mysteric
  12. vogue

    Cover [SPECIAL CLIP] Siyeon - We All Lie

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Siyeon killed this cover.
  13. vogue

    Appreciation Dreamcatcher - Lucky Strike [THROWBACK]

    This perfection needs some appreciation From singing to dancing : it is amazing.
  14. vogue


    yes yes yes my babies finally releasing this special clip. and we are also soon getting a fan song #goodtimesbeinganinsomnia
  15. vogue

    Appreciation Dreamcatcher on let's enjoy some dreamcatcher. I want to play some music first and than watch some dreamcatcher's note I will start in a few minutes~
  16. vogue

    Appreciation Dreamcatcher and all their beautiful covers

    Hello, this thread is there to appriciate the awesome covers Dreamcatcher do. Enjoy everyone~
  17. vogue

    Cover Dreamcatcher performing Big Bangs "Bang Bang Bang"

    Perfection yet again by this amazing girl group
  18. vogue

    Dance Practice Dreamcatcher "WHAT" Halloween Performance Ver.

    so blessed. Everyone is looking so good.
  19. vogue

    Cover Siyeon perfectly covering Dean's Instagram

    why is she soooo good. This song fits her just great and you can totally see her feeling the song.
  20. vogue

    Dance Practice FINALLY : Dreamcatcher WHAT (Dance Practice)

    Finally we got the dance practice of Dreamcatcher WHAT. So happy about that since I was waiting for it to be released