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stan fromis

  1. yeji

    Cover Gyuri's newest "flaylist" cover

    stan my wife and her sweet honey vocals
  2. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - 박지원 wanna have some fun (Jiheon Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 3: Jiheon :pikahappy:
  3. Tir

    News fromis_9 to make their comeback on June 4th!

    IT'S COMINGGGGGG @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz
  4. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, vocal queen Park Jiwon! (MC Megan)

    Happy birthday to the loudest and craziest member of fromis_9, Park Jiwon, a.k.a MC Megan and vocal queen! Random Taglist of people who may or may not stan fromis @Tir @Ireneisbaee @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @lalaloveloona @WhiteWadeWilson @Dwragon @Pigeon @Jichuus @Chahee @Yolks
  5. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, Miyawaki Sakura! | ● |

    Happy birthday to the Japanese Queen of IZ*One, Saku-chan! :pandalove: @Ireneisbaee @Tir @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @JungYoda @RandAlThor @lalaloveloona
  6. perhapz

    Captain Marvel, did you watch it? rate it plz

    So, I was just curious if someone watched it. I saw some "experts" saying it's not good, but some friends of my told it's really good. I'm debating about going or not to the theaters watch it in the next couple weeks, or wait to watch it at home in the future lol. @Ireneisbaee @Tir...