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stan fromis_9

  1. perhapz

    Appreciation Hey y'all, come here, right now!

    I wish you all an amazing and wonderful Christmas! I hope you all have a fun and comfy time with the ones you love!
  2. perhapz

    When do we use Opinions or Thoughts

    I mean aren't they somewhat synonyms. :susPepe: Share you thoughts or opinions idk
  3. perhapz

    Performance That moment when the song stops playing in the middle of the stage...

    ... but they pull off the whole song perfectly. Stan talented_9 :maheart:
  4. perhapz

    Dream stage collabs ~

    So I was bored and started to dream about an epic event with GG collabs of iconic songs, that's how mine would look like: Two units performing Bon Bon Chocolat (Seungyeon, Momo, Chaeyeon, Seulgi and Lisa) and Me (Sihyeon, Nayeon, Yeeun, Soyeon and YooA). Two units performing cute songs: What...
  5. perhapz

    Are you a 🐶 person or a 🐱 person?

  6. perhapz

    Appreciation :haylul: 🍀🍀

  7. perhapz

    This is me trying to make people stan fromis_9

    and drink fromisweat
  8. perhapz

    Just a daily reminder for you all...

    ... to stan fromis_9 and have some FUN!
  9. perhapz

    MV fromis_9 "FUN" M/V is out!

    Check it out! Some Taglist: @goyo @Seokjin @Ireneisbaee @Jichuus @Tir @RandAlThor @Walnutt @FrenchRose @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @NogaNono @itzybitzyblink @Dwragon @kuroyuri @arieam @dooh @Hallybell @MonCherry @deadstar @JakeyWantsCakey @Tpse @Queen @ChaseMeJiYoo @Chahee @MochiFace...
  10. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 "FUN" M/V Teaser 2 (last)

    It's tomorrow, at 6pm kst! Anticipate "Fun Factory" and the title/MV "Fun"! @goyo @Seokjin @Ireneisbaee @Jichuus @RandAlThor @Walnutt @FrenchRose @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @NogaNono @itzybitzyblink @Dwragon @kuroyuri @arieam @dooh @Hallybell @MonCherry @deadstar @JakeyWantsCakey @Tpse...
  11. perhapz

    29 hours left

    for fromis_9 "FUN FACTORY" ANTICIPATE g'night :sanapray:
  12. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy birthday, Lee Nakyung! 🐱

    Happy birthday to our aegyo and visual queen, Lee Nakyung! a.k.a Nagyung, Naky, Nakko Majjyo majjyo! Have some Nakyung aegyo compilation, newcomers:
  13. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 "FUN FACTORY" MV Teaser 1!

  14. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - wanna have some fun (Nakyung Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 6: NAKYYYY
  15. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 - "FUN FACTORY" individual photos - Factory ver.

    - - Woah, I loved this version as much as the Fun ver. Hayoung (and all of them) looking so pretty. :pandalove:
  16. Tir

    Teaser fromis_9 - 박지원 wanna have some fun (Jiheon Fun Factory Teaser)

    Day 3: Jiheon :pikahappy:
  17. perhapz

    ≈ fromis_9 ≈ Badge Revamp Thread!

    ≈ Welcome to the fromis_9 Badge Revamp Thread! ≈ BADGES NEEDED ≈ Group Badge ≈ ≈ Hayoung ≈ ≈ Nakyung ≈ ≈ Saerom ≈ ≈ Jisun ≈ ≈ Jiwon ≈ ≈ Seoyeon ≈ ≈ Jiheon ≈ ≈ Chaeyoung ≈ ≈ Gyuri ≈ CURRENT BADGES ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ RULES ≈ Badge size should be 77x77. ≈ ≈ No...
  18. perhapz

    How would be your career as a kpop idol

    How would be your kpop idol career? Take the diagnosis. MAKE YOUR DIAGNOSIS HERE Mine: Sounds ok
  19. perhapz

    Teaser fromis_9 - "FUN FACTORY" individual photo teasers (FUN ver.)

    They are looking SO DAMN GOOD IN THESE PHOTOS, I'm hyped. - -
  20. Tir

    News fromis_9 to make their comeback on June 4th!

    IT'S COMINGGGGGG @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz @perhapz