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stan f(x)

  1. E

    Teaser Sulli 'Goblin' Photo Teaser!

    Who is ready to meet SULLI’s various new charms with the new single ‘#고블린 (#Goblin)’? Stay tuned for the first music video teaser coming out TODAY at 6PM KST and the following two more clips out on the 27th and 28th as well! 2019.06.29. 6PM (KST)
  2. mysteric

    When Even MBC Wants a f(x) Comeback

    Stan f(x) Peace out y’all, mysteric
  3. mysteric

    News [Breaking] f(x) Disbandment

    They will if you don’t stream the superior station All Mine Stream All Mine Stan f(x) :chickill: Peace out y’all, mysteric Edit: sorry if I caused panic lmao
  4. mysteric

    Appreciation Love exists

    but with an absence of eternity at the first moment of a lover's encounter there's an affirmation of love psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusions of the moment will last forever. i'm seized by desire. I hide behind my back, and postpone all the answers I love this so much Stan...