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stan infinite

  1. milk

    Appreciation Infinite - The Chaser

    Remember when Infinite decided to release the best k-pop song of all time? Yes, I do. and this ones for @eclipsoul ! When will k-pop ever serve a title track like this again? It has legendary synths, outstanding vocals, and impressive choreography. This is an absolute MASTERPIECE. This song...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation One of the most beautiful performances of the year

    A work of art! It's the end of the year so i thought we should look back at one of the first songs that hit the scene and one of my favorites. The stage is beautifully set and the dance is as great as ever with the Infinite guys! Enjoy the performance if you haven't watched it, they not only...
  3. yeji

    MV Woohyun "지금 이 노래"

    my boy Woohyun really released such a good song/Mv. I love this. Stan vocal King Nam Woohyun