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stan red velvet

  1. Baechu

    Sad times...

    How are yall doing in quarantine? I feel like everyone is getting depressed lately, due to the virus... I can relate to y‘all... I also miss my imaginary friends and I‘m definitely not enjoying the time alone to finally do some stuff for myself :sj_weary: ..uhm I mean yeah.. totally miss the...
  2. Baechu

    my favorite and my least fav title tracks in kpop

    :worry: I haven't heard every single title track of every group, this is based on the songs I know. If a group is missing, then it means that I only know like 1 song of them. :wimwim: Least fav doesn't mean that I don't like it Girlgroups Favorite title track Least favorite title...
  3. Baechu

    How do you like your eggs?

    Normally I'd say soft scrambled.. but today I feel like eating Sunny Side Up eggs :joysip: How do you like your eggs in the morning?