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stan shinee

  1. milk

    Appreciation Shinee's choreography >>>

    so impressive and synchronized.... come through dance gods :junweary:
  2. Panda

    I have made a comeback for this and this only :)

    Hello :) You all may be wondering "why is the panda back?" That's a very good question. Something exciting is happening: an anon with Vikki (@Ahsoka) and I <3 and you all have the permission to be able to ask us, two queens, a few questions please click on this gif to go to our anon <3...
  3. melancholia

    Appreciation STAN SHINEE AND HEIZE

    Stan Heize aka the queen! she outsung, outrapped, outproduced, she BASICALLY OUTSOLD UR FAVE . . . shinEE aka the KINGS OF KPOP (if not them, then who) THEY OUTSOLD EVERY BOY GROUP P E R I O D bye now