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stan tully

  1. Mangoey

    What traditions do you have?

    A tradition I have is: every year during spring break I'd watch one piece and then once break is over, I'd stop and wait for more episodes to come out. I do this mainly cause I hate waiting for new episodes to come out and it's easier to forget about it, wait, and then binge watch it all at...
  2. Mangoey

    Gif DPs or Photo DPs

    Which one do you prefer? And if you prefer gifs are you gonna change it now that the server is more powerful? Honestly, I'm kinda conflicted >-> I like gifs for dps more, but idk what to change it to. Plus I'm kind of attached to my dp right now <-<
  3. Mangoey

    Game Playlist Game

    Welcome to the first playlist game ^^ We're here today to find out which user has the best taste on KS! How the game will work: - Everyone who would like to participate will choose one male and one female artist they would like to pick music from. The choices are first come first serve, you...
  4. Mangoey

    Game of Thrones rabbit stream

    I'm gonna be streaming GoT from episode 1 for a while. Come and join for a while, you can leave whenever you want~ LINK TO STREAM Also disclaimer: This show is rated R and has sex scenes and gore @AnotherKpopTrash
  5. Mangoey

    Appreciation [1st season spoiler] Can we just appreciate the death of the worst character in the series?

    I only started watching GoT because of the event, so I'm not quite done with the first season yet, but this guys death was actually so satisfying :sj_weary: god bless Drogo If you've seen the show, what were your favorite and least favorite moments/deaths?