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stan twice

  1. HEIZE

    Intro hello every1

    ok hello i'm new but i'm normally a bit more active on akp forums legit just joined this forum because the username heidi was not taken ANYWAYS i stan many groups such as: twice - big momo enthusiast nct - big jaemin enthusiast stray kids - big jeongin enthusiast red velvet - big yeri enthusiast...
  2. kuro

    why tf are people 'apologizing' for their stupid threads?

    idgaf, but stan twice and stream fancy :queen: @Reo :sj_weary: -
  3. Sana

    Intro Heyaaa KPS

    Heya boyz and gurls ~ Unlike other people I'm not a refugee from AKP or OH since I've prefered gaming forums/german forums. Unfortunately one of them just completely disappeared a while ago without any notification, so I just thought about joining a completely different kind of forum. Even tho...