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stan vixx

  1. Panda

    I have made a comeback for this and this only :)

    Hello :) You all may be wondering "why is the panda back?" That's a very good question. Something exciting is happening: an anon with Vikki (@Ahsoka) and I <3 and you all have the permission to be able to ask us, two queens, a few questions please click on this gif to go to our anon <3...
  2. Panda

    Ever seen a Cyborg Romance story in 5.5 min?

    WELL NOW HERE IS YOU CHANCE :) (I know I promote a lot of VIXX, but trust me, you will like this!!!)
  3. Neckologist

    Appreciation I Miss My Neck God

    It's barely been a year yet I still miss him so much like its been 10 years already I'm happy that he's at least in the military band so I can see him occasionally singing :maheart: But I still miss my Neck God N:pepecry2: There's only so many other necks I can distract myself with :pepecry1...
  4. Panda

    Photo :’)))))))))))))

    I have been going through lots of classes and studying and then Leo posts this, I didn’t want to be attacked like this :’)))))) And this dude knows exactly what he’s doing I’ll see you all in heaven And stan VIXX you all
  5. Panda

    First Jimin, then Chungha and now...

    ... Solar! Ravi is honestly having collabs with so many great female artists :sadcat: Anticipate Leopard, Anticipate Nirvana II :maheart: Also, throwback to when Ravi photobombed Solar lmao
  6. Daiisy

    I fixed my aesthetic

    And I have never been more appreciative for the fact that badges got upgraded to 6 displayed at once. Thank you KPS team for being amazing.
  7. Daiisy

    Appreciation listen....

    The day the world stops sleeping on Hakyeon will be the day I shut up about how much I love him LOOK! AT! THOSE! ARMS! WHAT A MAN! :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: