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stan wjsn

  1. aloverofkpop

    ok so i'm using my headphones after a longgg time and...

    context: got a bad ear infection like a couple months ago so i didn't use headphones for a long time. while the infection itself got better quickly, i just didn't use headphones for a long time, just in case. today, guests have come over, and idw disturb them, so i got my headphone out. and OH...
  2. yeji

    Appreciation EXY IN UNPRETTY RAPSTAR 2

    girl always was a bomb rapper. I still remember how impressed I was as soon as she started to rap. She deserves more attention.
  3. yeji

    Cover WJSN - MIROTIC

    It's seeing them dance to another style. WJSN - Danicng queens confirmed
  4. yeji

    Appreciation The most awkward duo of WJSN

    :maheart::maheart::maheart: this is just adorable. stan the most awkword duo - Bona and Seola
  5. yeji

    Cover WJSN covering Red Velet, EXO, BLACKPINK, TWICE....

    Didn't they do an amazing job? Queens of slaying covers :maheart:
  6. yeji

    Performance The best performance of Save Me, Save You