steve aoki

  1. RainbowDevil

    Audio Steve Aoki ft Lay and

    Well no one posted it so, here I will I actually love it so much Why are all of his collabs with dj's such bops? And him actually singing rather than like... softly speaking, is quite refreshing and it sounds so niceeeee EXO taglist: @mirella @Chlorine @RainbowDevil @Neckologist @MinSquishy...
  2. LeeHoseok

    MV Steve Aoki & Monsta X 'Play It Cool' in new MV

    Okay, this is fabulous and I don't even care if you agree. Also, @Kelly how're you doing rn? :llama_BLEED: :pandalove:
  3. K

    Teaser 'Play It Cool' Monsta X Steve Aoki MV Teaser

    Well, this was sudden. This is what I've wanted ever since the song was released!! :pandalove: I assume this MV is for the English version of 'Play It Cool', which you can listen to here. Of course we won't know until the MV is actually out though!