1. Tree

    Who is your Stray kid's Bias?

    My bias is Hyunjin. I stan a cutie.
  2. Xueyang

    Who's your bias and your biaswrecker in Straykids?

    My Bias is Felix and my biaswrecker is Bangchan! Like i guess its because even tho they speak Korean they can speak English fluently so if i was around them i don't have to carry a korean dictionary with me so that i could understand them. Does that makes sense?
  3. Xueyang

    who's your favorite kpop group?

    mine is Straykids obviously Lmao 😍
  4. Xueyang

    Would you rather: Get a hug from jeongin or get a hug from seungmin?

    Honestly this one is SO hard....I guess i would get a hug from Jeongin.
  5. Xueyang

    Would you rather: Be able to read Han's Mind or be able to mind communicate with Bangchan?

    I would want to mind communicate with bangchan! I wonder if he would sound australian if we were? hmm.
  6. Xueyang

    Who's your favorite member in stray kids?

    My Favorite member honestly is Felix!!
  7. WhiteWadeWilson

    (POLL) TXT Debut vs Stray Kids Comeback???

    which one is more impressive to you? which title track is the true BOP? CROWN vs MIROH Y'all!!! I chose MIROH!!! what a weird but a BOP!!! the tiger and lion were awesome lol
  8. WhiteWadeWilson

    News Say hello to the 4th GEN of GG!!!

    Yep, the sentence the girl group world will CHANGE explained everything SOOMPI ARTICLE: As 2018 winds down to a close, it is the season to look back on the best of the year. Korean media outlets News1 and dongA both surveyed various industry professionals to gather their opinions on the...
  9. chvnle

    MV Stray Kids' 'Mixtape#2' Video OUT NOW

    Extremely late but since I don't think anyone did a thread on it I'll do one Please listen to the lyrics!