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stream love bomb

  1. perhapz

    I've assembled all the pieces of the puzzle!

    - Try your last pathetic groups so I can end this, perhapz! - My OTR label's has no pathetic groups, KPS! But it does contain... THE UNSTOPPABLE OT9 FROMIS_9 :queen::queen::queen::queen::queen::queen::queen::queen::queen: - UGH, IMPOSSIBLE! - I've assembled all nine special badges, all...
  2. perhapz

    Appreciation To satisfy all numbers-OCD people

    It was from earlier, but the forum was down for maintenance, so I just remembered to post now. 2k posts, 10k likes, with a perfect 5.0 ratio. :sj_weary:
  3. Chahee

    Appreciation Remember when a korean girl group made the president cry

    Moon Jae-in: I have tears in my eyes. Gyuri is so cute like a puppy, give the award and the city keys to Nagyung, can you? Actually it was Red Velvet that did that, but appreciate this perfect performance anyway.
  4. Daiisy

    Todays Ted Talk

    I really.... really... really... want a fromis_9 comeback. And I really, really, might just die if I don't get one. Are you also missing a group or particular idol really bad? Even if its been like 1 day and they haven't posted anything?