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  1. maruberry

    SuperM AR Tee's... I am shooketh! SM is pulling out all the stops!

    I mean... This is kinda cool... Actually really cool! I want it!
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation SuperM unofficial fandom name... [I expected nothing less from Baekhyun]

    I mean... If the shoe fits?
  3. maruberry

    Taemin insta live with SuperM

    Baekhyun starts the introduction... so he is probably the leader! They also say the choreo is really amazing and like a dance break from start to finish! Well with this lineup... Who Could've guessed that! Also... Kai massaging Baekhyuns thigh... what is with EXO members and massaging thighs?
  4. Elliah

    What are your thoughts on SuperM?

    Are people on here excited for it? Don't like it? What are your thoughts? And who is your favorite out of the members? I wasn't feeling much when it came to SuperM until recently when they started teasers. Not gonna lie, the Baekhyun teasers makes me excited. I think it can be very good. I...
  5. Haolat

    SuperM album details

  6. Haolat

    Audio SuperM ‘I can’t stand the Rain’ Instrumentals

    Track list
  7. maruberry

    I'm scared

  8. maruberry

    Teaser SuperM: 17th-Aug-2019 [Adorableness overload]

    They looks so adorable! Lucas is hugging Kai, Mark is hugging everybody and this is overall so cute!
  9. maruberry

    News SuperM's debut is produced by LDN noise!

    I am excited, now it is DEFINETLY going to be a certified bop! I'd like to remind you all that other songs LDN noise has been involved with would be: SHINee View SHINee Married to the music Red Velvet Dumb Dumb F(x) 4 Walls EXO's Monster EXO's Lucky One EXO's Power and Gravity NCT 127's Fire...
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation SuperM being really soft!

    Don't mind me I am just uwuing my brains out right now! The one playing with the hair looks like either Kai or Taemin to me! I mean we all knew Mark is a baby boy and gets treeated like a baby boy, so this was inevitable... but this is just the best!
  11. maruberry

    Imagine the clownery if SM releases both SuperM and Kai solo this year

    I just had this idea. Since most EXO-Ls against this idea are screaming about them wanting Kai's solo album and not SuperM... What if SM had Kai debut solo this year aswell? I can just IMAGINE The clowns that would result from that!
  12. Haolat

    Lee Soo man introducing SuperM