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  1. Nobody4444

    Debut CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?' Official M/V

    The Vietnamese contestant Nguyễn Thành Công who has been eliminated from the K-pop survival show Boys Planet just made his V-pop soloist debut working for the Vietnamese V-pop company Mustation Entertainment under his new stage name "CongB" : 16 December 2023 CONGB 'Em Đợi Anh Lâu Chưa?'...
  2. Nobody4444

    Information What do you think about the Korean SBS K-pop survival show Universe Ticket ? Is it rigged or not ?

    The girl above on the TikTok video is the Indonesian contestant Vanesya who was ranked in the top 8 at the 3th place on episode 1 then she was ranked at the 1st place on episode 4. The girl under on the TikTok video is the Vietnamese contestant Vũ Linh Đan who was ranked in the top 8 at the 4th...
  3. FaceMcShooty

    Could you survive the apocalypse?

    Do you have enough survival skills in case of a major cataclysm? :dubuthink: