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  1. Nekone

    Appreciation Tomato Suzumon is too cute!!!!

    Suzumon has gone from a lot of different hair colors during the past year but, this time, as she appears on Oda Nana's blog, we are witnessing my Tomato Suzumon~ So fluffy~
  2. Nekone

    Appreciation What are you waiting for?

    Suzumon is too cute and fluffy Therefore, I need to make the world Stan her. This is my job. If you have been wondering about a perfect fluffy idol to stan, search no further than Suzumon! We love a talented overflowed fluffy Suzumon~ Just telling you to stan Suzumon made me feel like I...
  3. Nekone

    Appreciation Who is your Keyakizaka46 oshimen?

    Mine is Suzumoto Miyu She is a visual and a talented dancer~ Also known as the Queen of funny faces~ Monchan always bring a smile to my face whenever I see her grow into my all-time favorite idol ever~ What would be the path that I would go if I hadn't witness the sun that she is? I don't...
  4. Nekone

    Appreciation Suzumon is the cutest!

    Happy Suzumon day~!!!
  5. Nekone

    Appreciation Today is such a blessed day

    Today, we celebrate the birthday of a Goddess known as Suzumoto Miyu~ My baby turned 21, time goes by too fast. I hope all the best for Suzumon, health, success and happiness. Happy Birthday to Keyaki's talented dancer and odd ball!