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  1. maruberry

    Sehun's taste in men

    He seems to like the look of the avarage man! Maybe he likes being the pretty one in the relationship!
  2. Yseki

    I Think I Have A Problem

    My problem is that I have too much taste, all my biases:
  3. taemkitten

    ♫ The [SPOTIFY] Thread ♫

    Ever have that burning question of "Who is having that Justin Bieber marathon?" or "Really? All of you are listening to Squidward Nose?" or even "OMG who is listening to that song, I have to give them the biggest hug!" Well, here you can ask it and (hopefully) receive your answer! Haven't...
  4. Baechu

    The user with the best taste in this forum

    Whoever is listening to Suzy You have the best taste on this forum and I love you I've never done two threads in one day How did it come so far... :maheart:
  5. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Your taste...

    Is only good if you know most of these tbh If no, go listen to them so you can be blessed by actual talent