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  1. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Concept Photos 1 & 2

    @The B
  2. litc

    Teaser The Boyz She's The Boss Japanese Mini Album Highlight Medley

    @The B Toxic Love is nice. The whispering parts sound so cool as well and the beat is nice. Groovy too. Oooh Why why why. Interesting and funky. She's the Boss I already don't like Don't Cry I might get bored by tbh Not feeling One Dance too much tbh, it sounds ok. Same with Always Together.
  3. litc

    MV The Boyz She's The Boss MV

    :susPepe: @The B
  4. litc

    Photo The Boyz for SPUR

  5. litc

    News The Boyz open temp. Japanese TikTok to celebrate She's the Boss release

    The Boyz are opening a The Boyz Japanese Official TikTok account for a limited time to celebrate the release of She's the Boss @The B There's no japanese news section and they're a kpop group so I hope it's ok I posted it here:wimwim:
  6. litc

    Information The Boyz New Variety Show Heaven & Hell Trailer released to be released today + she's the boss first airing

    The Boyz are going to have a new variety show called Heaven & Hell to be broadcast starting Friday, and a trailer will be released on TBZ channel She's The Boss was first aired at 13:00 kst May 6th, and there's a link to the broadcast, but you can only listen if you're in Japan:pepecry1: @The B
  7. litc

    Teaser The Boyz She’s the Boss Toxic Love Ver. Teaser Pic Q

    @The B
  8. litc

    Appreciation Happy Chanhee (New) day

    @The B Happy 24th birthday Chanhee:sakUwu: I know how old he is, yet it's surprising 24 already, so much time has passed:jisoosmh:
  9. hoemantic

    Appreciation Cutest friendship

    Juyeon (TBZ), Taeyang (SF9) and Donghyuk (IKON) playing Minecraft together is probably the cutest friendship between idols that I discovered! I hope they invite more friends to their server and throw a big party lol
  10. litc

    The Boyz 4th Anniversary Special Video

    @The B
  11. litc

    Video The Boyz Dancing Till We Drop With The B

  12. litc

    Teaser TBZ Maverick Dance Practice Trailer Halloween Version

    :maheart: @The B
  13. litc

    Appreciation Always A Big Part

    I made this thread last year, and I'm making it again this year.:pandasad: I'm not gonna lie, I spent a while deliberating what to make the title of this thread. It's been two years since Hwall left The Boyz :pepecry1: Creker's announcement: "Hello. This is Cre.ker Entertainment. First of...