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tell me

  1. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Time for my yearly reminder

    That this song is such a fucking ginormous BOP that it's still gets me going to this day and will likely continue to for a long time JEBAL DASHI NAEGE NAEGE DORAWA JWO 제발 다시 내게 내게 돌아와 줘
  2. Ozymandias

    Performance SNSD - Tell Me Cover (orig. Wonder Girls)

    A throwback from 2008, SNSD covering then top girl group Wonder Girl's national hit Tell Me. By the next year they'd drop Gee and effectively take over as Korea's #1 girl group. This is such a fun performance to watch lol, Tiffany starting the song and her famous eye smile, Seohyun and Sunny...
  3. maruberry

    Discussion Does anybody on this site know butterflies?

    Can anybody tell me what kind of a butterfly this is? EDIT: After some research, this might actually be a moth? EDIT 2: I found out what it is! it is the Purple Tiger or Rhyparia purpurata
  4. maruberry

    Discussion Tell me about your day and I will recommend you a song!

    Tell me how your day went and I will recommend you a song! It is as simple as that!
  5. notthatmarko

    MV GFRIEND's Eunha released an OST "Tell Me" for The Crowned Clown

    Magical song.