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the unit

  1. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Monthly recommendation

    Tiz that one time in the month when I post something besides gifs :maheart: So, December was kinda boring music wise.... but at least one great thing came out of it This boi made his debut :icgyu: If you have no idea who he is from the name you may just know him as JUN member of U-Kiss, winner...
  2. RavenHikari

    I Knew That This Song Sounded Familiar...

    When I first listened to Flash I was like this sounds similar to another song that I liked. Then I saw Hangyul and it clicked. I mean its not exactly the same but still :maheart: The unit groups deserved so much better tho :pandasad:
  3. RavenHikari


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PARK DAEWON WHO IS PARK DAEWON YOU MAY ASK? :pepeheart::pandalove::pepeheart::pandalove: The MC told them that Blue Carpet has started and Daewon was like "Oh yeah I'll go to there soon after finishing this game" Like literally so competitive HE LOVES DOGS...