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  1. maruberry

    A theory I have about SM

    I think SM will only kick out a member of their group if the members agree. The reason I first started thinking about it, is bcs when they made an announcement about Chen, they mentioned that they took the wishes of the EXO members into account. Which also insinuates that if EXO members wanted...
  2. yminsane

    BTS , latest MV 'ON'

    Kim Namjoon portrayed as Noah.
  3. maruberry

    EXO clones theory [Save my braincells]

    SO... With the revealed X-EXO now with the teasers... theories have been popping up... MAINLY that since Lucky One the ones out and about have been X-EXO and not EXO themselves. Some of the members are real, some are clones... In Lucky One the members except for Baekhyun EXO escape, but are...
  4. MochiFace

    Winwin is the true leader in NCT [ Theory]

    After many research i finally understand that Winwin was the link between every nct unit first he was not part of NCT U but he appear in NCT U without you mv to make the link with the creation of NCT127, he also officially debut in NCT U with Boss He is one of the original member of NCT 127...
  5. Belgizen

    What I think may happen with WinWin and NCT127...

    So with WinWin debuting in WayV and thus missing 127 activities, many NCTzens are worried that he might leave 127... THIS IS A THEORY AND NOT OUGHT TO BE SEEN AND TREATED AS A FACT! What I think will happen is: WayV and 127 may promote/work around the same time. Naturally, WinWin will have to...
  6. Belgizen

    This theory about G(I)-DLE's comeback is very interesting...

    So yesterday I came across this: What do you think? Any other theories? (There is a lot more explanation in the thread) One thing's for sure: I'm hyped af for this cb and I'll be ready with theories :joysip:
  7. RavenHikari

    K-pop Conspiracy Theories

    Things Like This.. Discuss other theories in the comments below? And Remember It's Just A Theory.
  8. Belgizen

    I need YOUR help!

    I need your help Please suggest me music that fits a conspiracy/theory vid Thank you :llama_cheer: