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  1. Spacequeen800

    Any threads you like/enjoy?

    Is there any threads you like/enjoy it could be from here or any other forums online..... Ik this is gonna flop Sorry if this is already done before......
  2. maruberry

    Being a "notable member" is kinda exhausting

    Ngl, this is just me... being me and my brain going... NO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. But atm I am user on this site with the second most threads. (and the gap is slowly but surely closing in) And while I love making threads, don't get me wrong.... It's exhausting. Every day I don't make threads I...
  3. maruberry

    What is your opinion on 18+ threads?

    What is your opinion on 18+ threads? Do you like them? ... avoid them? ... mind them at all? Do they ever make you uncomfortable?
  4. FaceMcShooty

    Have you ever posted too many threads?

    Have you ever posted too many threads? :dubuthink:
  5. maruberry


    @bulletproof How's it going hun? @Chahee you are next!
  6. maruberry

    The hard stan in me is awakening again!

    These last few days I have been in soft stan mode But it seems like I have made it back to be a hard stan! I have recovered from the overload of hard-stan feels due to Woozi's arms so now I have come back and I am stronger than ever! I am proud that this forum has had a few 18+ threads, even...
  7. kuro

    gotta get to 90 threads today xD

    so what's YOUR thread goal? it can be for any time, my goal is by may 1st, I'll have 5K posts (done), 20K likes (done), and 100 threads (to-do) :queen: :queen: :queen: :nekolove:
  8. maruberry


    I am climbing up the list of the users with the most threads! @goyo you were the 1st one to fall! @bulletproof you will be next! Before and After
  9. maruberry

    Making threads 101 (for dummies)

    It is hard to make a thread if you don't have some news you want to spread! So I made this guide on how I make all of mine! Use ideas from conversations. You were talking about how beautiful arms Kyungsoo has? Make a thread about it! Find a picture and make a thread about it! Describe how it...
  10. maruberry

    When the kpop section is filled with my threads...

    Y'all need to step up your game! :llama_ramen: