1. karina

    Appreciation WHO IS MY ...........

    SNSD BIAS? Sunny is still my baby girl but damn Tiffany has got me good currently. Tiffany always was one of my favorite members. She always was one of those members that I looked forward to see. And I am always hyped for her solo's rn. I guees my bias in SNSD are both Sunny and Tiffany
  2. arieam

    Appreciation goddess reunion

    the caption says "a friend like a time machine. when i'm with you i go back to 19" :pepecry2:
  3. MochiFace

    News Tiffany "Lips on lips" on Itunes charts

  4. arieam

    Appreciation the holy trinity of boss b**ch aesthetic

    the actual boss ceo jessica jung stab me with your designer sunglasses thank you the american music mogul tiffany young sitting on my coffin the "i'm wearing 10x your life savings on my wrist and im getting paid 100x your life savings to do it" irene bae (joohyun) which one are you?
  5. SeulPika

    Comeback Tiffany releases her new EP 'Lips on Lips'

    My queen Tippani is back with a brand new EP!!!! :maheart: Please support her :sanapray::pandalove:
  6. SoftGirlSummer

    News Tiffany Speaks Out on Fraud Controversy

    Recently, idols have been swept up in fraud accusations involving their parents, SNSD's Tiffany being the recent victim as similar claims were made against her father. This was her statement released on her behalf through Transparent Artist "Hello, this is Tiffany. Yesterday, I read the post...
  7. SoftGirlSummer

    News Tiffany Young Announces Solo Tour

    I will assume she'll release her album before that but good for Tiffany!