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    Listening to Music from Criminals/Alleged Criminals

    It seems easier for most of us to move past wrong doings that Western artists have committed or been accused of when wanting to listen to their music - but is it the same in regards to Kpop (or simply Korean) artists when they've been charged with doing something illegal or wrong, or at the very...
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    If you Were in Charge of Creating an Idol Group

    Would you create a boy idol group or a girl idol group? Maybe a co-ed group? What concept would you give them? What rules would they have to follow (no social media until x, no cell phones, no dating/dating ban until x, special curfew, no rules, etc)? Would they have their own given names as...
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    If you Owned a K-Entertainment Company

    How would you run it? What kind of rules might you implement for your talent? Would you only have one gender of idol groups? Would you have no idol groups at all and focus strictly on modeling and acting talent? Would you follow trends of the industry or try to set them? What kind of...
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    📌 Fandom Tags [Taglist] 📌

    Fandom Tags Want to be tagged in threads about your favorite groups? Let everyone know below what group you'd like to be tagged in, and you can be added to the list below! -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Anyone looking to tag others in threads about certain groups can come here to know who wants...
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    If you woke up in your bias' body...

    What would you do if you woke up after a long night's sleep and suddenly you were somewhere else? The room wasn't what you knew nor where you fell asleep the night before. Things smelled different - you smelled different, and distinctly so. Your body moved as it normally would, but when you...
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    The Same or Different

    Do you think it's better when groups have the same styles or something that kind of defines their style in their music and promotions? For example: BlackPink has just released "Kill This Love" and has shown an eye-candy visual, but similar to their past MV's they still retain that almost...
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    GFX 🐾Taemkitten Graphics 🐾

    I have nothing to put here yet, but, I'm wanting to get back into making graphics. If you have any particular requests or ideas you would like to see, toss them here and maybe it will motivate me! I'll put some stuff here later, I promise c:
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    Appreciation 💎 SHINee's Back 💎 // Mnet Mini Series \\

    SHINee's BACK - Mnet's Mini Series I was watching this again for the umpteenth time and wanted to share. I really enjoyed this little mini series of 10-minute episodes that SHINee did this past year during their first comeback after the loss. It was meaningful in so many ways, and only further...
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    Appreciation Key's Family

    Even while in the military, Key's holding his family close. It was shown in a recent photo taken of Kibum and his platoon in basic training that he's got three pictures on his locker. I can't contain how much this makes me uwu.
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    Appreciation 💎 SHINee 💎 // Appreciation Thread \\

    THIS IS SHINEE FIVE AND WE'RE RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE Welcome to the all-inclusive SHINee appreciation thread. Feel free to bask in the luxury and perfection that are the five men of SHINee, the best male group from South Korea that have been going strong since 2008. Feel free, as well, to drop off...
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    Teaser Minho's SM Station Single: I'm Home

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    📽️ FMV & Mashup Dump

    I love FMVs and Mashups for really any occasion, so I figured I'd share some of my favorites here in this thread. Feel free to post those you enjoy, too! They don't have to be Kpop, they just have to abide by the rules of the forum.
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    SHINee's Key Cooks + Interview

    Our #1 Shawol Queen, Stacy, has done another interview with a member of SHINee - this time, Key! Enjoy watching him cook fresh food alongside a chef, along with questions from Shawol Queen herself.
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    Photo ✯ ASTRO ✯ // 아스트로 \\ Pre-Debut Thread

    Lee Dongmin (Eunwoo) more coming soon!
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    Video Softest Babies (feat. Eunwoo smacking butts)

    (6:02 for Eunwoo's drum solo on Moonbin and Sanha's booties - and his analyzing of them, too)
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    Because sometimes, you really just need some random Taemin.
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    News 🔑 KEY 🔑 Giving Back Again

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    Photo ✯ HAPPY MJ DAY ✯