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too good

  1. A

    MV IMLAY 'Too Good (Feat. CHENLE 천러 of NCT)'

    I know a couple of IMLAY's songs and this one with Chenle isn't bad, although it's quite basic for something SM stood behind. I'm happy IMLAY is getting recognition though. Will listen to the mini-album and update the thread later.
  2. maruberry

    Somebody PLEASE come help me process the amazingness that has been EXO

    I need help, I am going crayz over here from the overdose of good EXO content and nobody to rant it to! SO PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME PROCESS IT LOOK AT THIS SHIZ, WHO ALLOWED IT?
  3. maruberry

    Idols who might be actual angels

    Who are some idols who are too good to be true, too precious for this world and too giving to actually be real! Here are my nominations! NCT/WayV Kun - Has that man gotten angry ever? He leads his members well and they all adore him, he takes care of them, cooks for them and listens to them...