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top 10

  1. Chaeee

    Appreciation My Top Ten Female Biases💖

    10. 🌙Kim Lip (Loona) 9. 💕Kim Sihyeon (EVERGLOW) 8. 🌙Jeon Heejin (Loona) 7. 💕Jo Serim (EVERGLOW) 6. 🌙Jung JinSoul (Loona) 5. 💕Park Jiwon (EVERGLOW) 4. 💕Wang Yiren (EVERGLOW) 3. 💕Heo Yoorim (EVERGLOW) 2. 💕Han Eunji (EVERGLOW) 1.🩸Song Yuqi (IDLE) Yes, Yuqi is still my #1 female...
  2. mirella

    Who are your top 10 soloists?

    Do you have a top 10 for soloists? The only qualification is that they can't be from a group. :jenniesmug: My top 10: HEIZE:pandalove: Bewhy Cifika Simon Dominic Saay Samuel Seo Code Kunst Crush Dean Hoody Honorary mentions: IU, Leebada, Lee Jin-ah, Sik-K, Kid Milli, Jooyoung, Dress...