top 5

  1. RainbowDevil

    Give me a group and I'll give you their top 5 songs imo

    Got a bit of time to waste, so why not, might take me back to some songs I've forgotten I have favorites in 90% of groups so... let's see If I say I don't have a top 5, you can give me an album and I have to listen to the entirety of it
  2. mirella

    your top 5 girl groups?

    In honor of my newfound interest in ggs... Name your top5 ggs—only 5, no cheating! This is so I can see who to listen to :llama_squish: Mine: 1) Brown Eyed Girls 2) Mamamoo 3) f(x) 4) Loona 5) EXID It hurts not to put Red Velvet... or Fiestar... or Dreamcatcher :yolk: